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We provide services to everyone from small start-ups and universities to fortune companies and government programs. At Ruda-Cardinal, Inc. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and experience. RCI is outfitted to produce small precision optical assemblies as well as large, industrial scale optical systems. RCI also has the capability to produce ruggedized systems that are performance tested in the harsh environmental theaters demanded by military and space applications.

From conceptualization to production, RCI offers innovative solutions to any optical design or manufacturing challenge. Using state-of-the-art opto-mechanical design software and testing equipment, RCI ensures the highest degree of quality through all stages of development. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing the highest quality optical systems design and performance.

First Order Optical System Design

Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself, as evidenced by RCI's long-standing relationships and repeat business. Check them out on the Primes page. Akihiko Obama, that is - he's a lens designer at Nikon. Check out the new zoom lenses on the Zooms page. This posting puts the total number of files over Please join the conversation by contributing your files, thoughts, or requests.

Most of the comments have been from people having difficulty using files downloaded from this site. I believe most of the problems are with browser settings and. Visit the page on loading files for details. I posted the files on the Primes page.

Optical system design in OpticStudio

The endoscopes are random, the telescopes are mostly unobscured reflectors. I also added six files to the eyepieces page. You can find the design files and a little explanation the page for Prime lenses. My recent addition of design files from Cox included many eyepiece designs, the newest of which was published 50 years ago.

Physics 250 - Lecture 45 - Designing Optical Systems

Today's posting broadens this sampling to include modern designs, too. The older designs compare surprisingly well. He has also submitted a scan lens and a spectrograph, spurring me to add pages for these categories.

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Our custom lenses are designed in the US and manufactured in China. We deliver prototypes optics with related metal parts in four weeks and production quantities in eight.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Optical Design

Our rigid quality control provides the reliability you need for success. YOu can find them, as well as a little summary, on the page for Microscope Objectives.

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  5. Most of the files are photographic primes, so I put a little summary there. These Zemax models are all based on patent literature; they include the original patent, from , modern patents, from , and a nice sampling from in-between. Subpages 1 : Note on IP. A file exchange site for lens designs A library of lens designs is helpful for the optical engineer.

    Optical design | Berliner Glas

    Today I posted 56 zoom lens files. All are for folded zooms, which provide an interesting study. As I described in a paper at the International Optical Design Conference , this class of optics is interesting be they are of a reasonable complexity that the designs are likely to be instructive, they offer a small range of design constraints because of the standardization of CMOS imager sizes and the mechanical constraints imposed on DSC cameras, and there is enough recent activity in awarded patents that a representative sample of contemporary designs can be collected.

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    You can find the design files and some analysis on the page for zoom lenses.