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For more information, see Available advanced functions. Some advanced functions require you to specify additional parameters, such as a threshold percentage, a start date, or an additional column. You can also apply an advanced function to a field in a chart, which can be different from the advanced function applied to the field in the table. For more information, see Visualizing report data using charts.

Result The advanced function is applied to the field independently, or in combination with an aggregation function.

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You can verify that advanced functions are displaying the appropriate results and make quick updates by navigating to the Design tab in Report Builder, clicking the down arrow next to the column name, and selecting Advanced Function. View a list of available advanced functions in Reports.

The advanced functions available depend on the data type of the field the advanced function is being applied to. The threshold Percentage Threshold is specified by you. Tied values are values with the same rank. For most purposes, the two standards are equivalent. For UTC-based datetime data, if conversion to UTC goes forward or backward across the boundary of midnight, the date is adjusted by one day.

For example, you can extract a specific value, such as a year, quarter, or month, append a year value, or classify a date as a period by comparing it with the current date. You can specify the mean to be grouped by a dimension field. For example, you may want to calculate the mean of Hours , grouped by Project Name. Instead of returning the mean for the entire column, the mean is calculated for each project , based on the values for each project. A moving average uses a specific number of data points set by the Period option , averages them, and uses the average value as a point in the line.

If Period is set to 2, for example, then the average of the first two data points is used as the first point in the moving average trendline. The average of the second and third data points is used as the second point in the trendline, and so on. Therefore, the forecast for a period, t , is simply the observed value for the previous period, t This function can only be used to forecast up to one period in the future.

This function is useful for analyzing gains and losses over a large data set. The order of the polynomial can be determined by the number of fluctuations in the data or by how many bends hills and valleys appear in the curve.

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An Order 2 polynomial trendline generally has only one hill or valley. Order 3 generally has one or two hills or valleys. Order 4 generally has up to three. View a list of frequently used advanced functions and view examples of how you can apply these functions to HighBond data. Calculating the budget that remains for a project :.

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Calculating what percentage of each team member's time has been spent on a project :. Calculating what percentage of a project budget has been used:. Calculating the number of days between issue creation and remediation:.

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Calculating the number of days that an issue has been open:. Calculating the number of week days that an issue has been open:.

Data converters manipulate data to transform fields from one data type to another. Kennington, P. Kim, J. Mathews, V.

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