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Subtle imperfections and more serious iatrogenic complications often require immediate attention by the aesthetic surgeon.

A Primary Asian Upper Blepharoplasty

After attempted correction of the deformities, residual problems or new ones can arise. Blepharoptosis, supratarsal depression, an excessively high or low crease, a short or discontinuous crease, multiple creases, and asymmetric creases are the most commonly encountered complications that require special attention in this group, which has already undergone more than one surgical procedure.


Between January of and December of , Asian blepharoplasty revisions were performed by one surgeon S. Chen ; of these, 36 patients 21 percent had previously undergone failed revisions. This subgroup of patients consisted of six with blepharoptosis, six with asymmetrical eyelid creases, three with supratarsal depressions, three with high creases, two with short creases, and 16 with combinations of these deformities.

The results were graded as excellent, good, fair, or poor, based on the symmetry of the eyelids, palpebral fissures, crease heights, lengths, shapes, eyelid fullness, and overall aesthetics of the final outcome. A survey was performed of patient and surgeon satisfaction and factored into the grading system. With an average follow-up period of 16 months 6 to 60 months , 22 patients 61 percent were found to have excellent results, 10 28 percent had good results, two 5.

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The patient was very happy with the results, but there is a 1 mm difference between crease height. This will likely improve with time as this patient is only 3 months after his surgery, but this demonstrates even with meticulous planning and surgery, outcomes can still be asymmetric due to variability in healing.

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