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Teised raamatud teemal : Anatomy - Hetkel poes: 57 nimetust. Suurem pilt. Tutvustus Sisukord Autori biograafia Arvustused Goodreads'ist This atlas contains about 2, labeled color illustrations and summary tables to help students learn human anatomy. Gilroy et al.

Head, Neck, and Neuroanatomy (THIEME Atlas of Anatomy), Latin nomenclature

Components in each region are examined systematically, followed by topographical images to connect the systems within the region together. This edition reorganizes some chapters to more closely parallel the progression and content of a typical dissection curriculum. It has new artwork and expanded text; reorganizes the material of the combined abdomen and pelvis into two separate units, with new illustrations; moves the spreads on the spinal cord and cranial meninges from the neuroanatomy unit to the back and head and neck units; has expanded surface anatomy spreads, which are now at the beginning of each unit; and adds sectional anatomy spreads at the end of each unit and new and updated artwork in all sections.

Oculomotorius, N.

Abducens 2 CN V: N. Glossopharyngeus 2 CN X: N. University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.

Atlas of Anatomy Latin Nomenclature, 2/e / Edition 2

This is the fully revised and updated third edition of the Atlas of Anatomy, in Latin nomenclature. Packed with over 2, exquisitely detailed and accurate illustrations, the Atlas helps students master the details of human anatomy. This edition features a new Sectional and Radiographic Anatomy chapter for each body region, radiologic images throughout the text to help student connect findings in dissections to findings in patients, an enhanced Pelvis and Perineum section, and a new section on Brain and Nervous System which focuses on gross anatomy of the peripheral and autonomic nervous systems as well as the brain and central nervous systems.

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With unmatched accuracy, quality, and clarity, the Atlas of Anatomy is now fully revised and updated. Atlas of Anatomy, Third Edition , is the highest quality anatomy atlas available today. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Atlas of Anatomy with Latin Nomenclature contains everything you need to successfully tackle the daunting challenges of anatomy.


Features: 2, full-color illustrations of unsurpassed quality and clinical images demonstrating important concepts Latin nomenclature according to the internationally accepted Terminologia Anatomica Brief introductory texts that provide an accessible entry point when a new topic is presented Fact pages that organize the essentials of isolated structures, such as muscles, covering all the information that you are required to memorize or need to reference, including insertion, origin, and innervation Clinical content that appears in easy-to-reference boxes and is concisely summarized in tables Navigators that orient you with location and plane of dissection A scratch-off code provides access to WinkingSkull.

Latin nomenclature edition is available in hardcover only. Teaching anatomy? We have the educational e-product you need.

Atlas of Anatomy, Latin Nomenclature by Anne M. Gilroy -

About the Author : University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany Review : More than 2, exquisite illustrations that strike the right balance between detail and clarity Govoni, MD "[Four stars] [The authors] are well known and respected authorities Buy New Learn more about this copy. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Thieme

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