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Editor: Deborah Bragan-Turner. Needless to say, it is good, and will no doubt become a bestseller in several countries.

Before the Frost

But as the daughter of her father, she inevitably gets involved in the plot even though she has no business to be there, and she sails forth into dangerous situations when she should really have reported back to the police and kept out of the way while they solved the problems. Readers of the Wallander series would have expected nothing less. Whether or not Mankell manages to give the impression of having penetrated the female psyche is another matter; this reviewer doubts it, but it seems irrelevant to the ordinary reader, as the book is a compelling story and will be difficult to put down.

The theme is religious fanaticism. At the very end, Wallander and Co. One is reminded of events in the USA in recent times when extremist sects choose mass suicide or murder? And he is right, of course. In woodland outside Ystad, the police make a horrific discovery: a severed head, and hands locked together in an attitude of prayer. A Bible lies at the victim's side, the pages marked with scribbled corrections. A string of macabre incidents, including attacks on domestic animals, have been taking place, and Inspector Wallander fears that these disturbances could be the prelude to attacks on humans on an even more alarming scale.

Linda Wallander, in preparation to join the police force, arrives at Ystad. Exhibiting some of the hallmarks of her father - the maverick approach, the flaring temper - she becomes entangled in a case involving a group of religious extremists who are bent on punishing the world's sinners. So did I enjoy it? An intriguing read featuring two very complicated characters - I think it will take a few more books before I feel like I really "know" them. On it's way as part of dutch-book's VBB Thank you very much, Plum-crazy, for sending me the book that belongs to one of the sentences I chose.

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It seems I made a good choice, since I some time ago already read this book Dutch version. Loved it.

I think I'll put it on the re-read mount and make it available again later. I have reserved this book for some kind of ring :- Will be going out soon. I hope it will be liked by the other participants in the ring keeping my fingers crossed that not many have already read it Yeah, the ABC roundabout has started.

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Thanks for offering this Totje2. I have never read a Wallander, but saw a couple of films about him on TV. I think I do not know this yet. Unfortunately, while I opened the box with a knife, I accidently damaged 3 pages of the book. I put tape on it to repair it. I am really sorry about it. Just to let you know, it was ME who done it. Participants for this roundabout: 1. Into-the-Blue 2. ZAS 3. Diane-Fraser 6. What a great book. Thanks for chosing it for this roundabout. She is a much nicer persen then her father. But often I thought she was so stupid to put herself in such danger.

Anyway it was a very exciting book! Now travelling to the next participant of the ABC-roundabout. Not the sort of thing I would normally have picked up to read, so I am interested in challenging my preconceptions! Receievd as part of ABC roundabout.

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I have never heard of this author and have never seen any of the Wallender TV series. I do enjoy a good thriller and after reading the other journal entries, I think I will enjoy it. This book had me gripped from the first page. It was fast paced and very difficult to put down.

I found some parts of the book a bit creepy the animal sacrifices , but overall I really enjoyed it. Sending to the next person in the ABC Roundabout. Enjoy ;0. Arrived yesterday. I've never read any Henning Mankell so I'm looking forward to this too.

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Before the Frost

Such great choices have been made for this roundabout. Got one other in front first but I don't think it will take long. However I never knew there was a Linda Wallender series. I thoroughly enjoyed it although at times I thought she was a little bit stupid. Also the ashtray incident annoyed me - it may have been to show she's quick tempered like her father but a trainee police officer, in a police station - slightly worrying if she can't control her anger.

Sorry for the delay in this JE - only got back home from a weeks holiday yesterday and still catching up with all my bookcrossing : Looking forward to reading this. I too have enjoyed the Wallender series but I think more for the actor than the stories lol. Had to treat this book with care as it is starting to come away at the spine just before the half way mark.

Hope someone in the ABC Roundabout can repair books as it would be a shame to loose it.

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  7. All I have is tape - not a good idea for spine repairs in my experience : Posting this on at the weekend. Received the book today - another mystery book in the ABC roundabout. Another crimi, but this one I really enjoyed. Good plot, quite surprising. For now I have read so many crimis that I will change to a different genre, but I want to read more of Mankelss books.

    Wallander's World

    On to the next person! Sure, I remembered the story's outline, but not all the small details - so I read it all again. And, once again, I have to say: I really enjoy reading Mankell's Wallander stories! This once, even though it was a Linda Wallander and not Kurt Wallander mystery was no exception! Linda is waiting to start her work as a young police officer in Ystad when not only animals are burnt but people - and especially a friend of hers - disappear and reappear.