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Weaving case studies and real-world examples with contemporary business theory, Baruch Lev - establishes an economic framework to analyze managerial and investment issues concerning intangibles; - surveys the impact of intangibles on corporate performance and market values, including management difficulties, risk, questions of property rights, marketability, and cost structure; - analyzes information deficiencies associated with intangibles, including the major economic principles governing intangible investments, limits of management information systems, and recommendations for improved accounting disclosure; - sets forth a comprehensive information system—aimed at satisfying the needs of both internal and external decision makers—to reflect the impact and value of intangibles within the context of enterprise performance.

Ross Project for Research on Intangibles.

He is the award-winning author of several books and numerous research studies published in the leading accounting, finance, and economic journals. Intangibles : Management, Measurement, and Reporting.

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Baruch Lev. The Economics of Intangibles. He lectures internationally and conducts executive seminars on finance, accounting and intellectual capital issues, working closely with such institutions as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Accounting Standards Board, OECD, the European Union, and the Brookings Institution.

Intangibles: Management, Measurement, and Reporting

Baruch Lev was recently elected by Accounting Today September 27, to the Top Most Influential People in the profession -- those who "are changing the way in which the profession does business," and re-elected on October 8th, to the year list of the "most influential people. About Intangibles, Management, Measurement, and Reporting.

Intangibles - Example 2 - ACCA Financial Reporting (FR)

Two citations out of this book in my opinion express "Intangibles, Management, Measurement, and Reporting" very well:. With a good blend of real-world stories and easily understood economic reasoning, the book from Baruch Lev has tremendous educational value.

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It is an especially valuable source for those interested in learning about managing knowledge-based business and Value Based Management. John Hand and Baruch Lev : Intangible Assets: Values, Measures, and Risk 20 State-of-the-art essays and research papers by leading authorities, charting the frontiers of intangible intellectual assets, their management, valuation, and economic consequences. Related Articles:.

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