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Undeniably there is more pressure on the things we all depend on: finite resources like water, energy, food, certain metals and minerals, and ecosystems like fisheries and forests. And of course, more pressure on climate. It recognizes this new reality will spell decline for some commercial activities, but growth for others who find better ways of operating. So in one sense, Polman is only being a good businessman. A generation ago, the prevailing attitude was that it was the role of political leaders to address the big societal issues of the day, and definitely not the role of business leaders.

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For them to take on such concerns would only be a distraction and source of cost. The other consistent theme to emerge from the research is that acting on this new perspective has required a certain set of competencies, many of which are not featured in traditional management education and leadership development experiences. All of our interviewees spoke about the soft skills that come to the fore at this level of change leadership: having the courage to raise difficult issues in the face of vested interests; enabling leadership to emerge through convening dialogue; encouraging innovation and framing challenges that inspire it; using language and symbols effectively; creating appropriate metrics; and recognizing and rewarding positive new behaviors and outcomes.

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But the leaders also identified an important change in the scope of their work. The new generation of business leaders, they emphasized, must be able to engage meaningfully with multiple constituencies and relate well with all kinds of different actors in society. May 10, John R.

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The book describes, explains, and predicts how multinational firms will rise to the multiple challenges posed by global climate issues and the organizational and behavioral various responses of the international corporate community. Kebede is a US-based business development professional with over 15 years of experience in engineering consulting, international development, construction management, marketing, and workforce development.

March 28, In the Classroom with Michael Smith.

The Future of Management in an Artificial Intelligence-Based World (Conference Highlights)

Michael Smith uses his Georgia Tech education and experience to reach students in the classroom. Lurie will speak to the class from - p. Region of the Global Social Venture Competition. May 2, 1st Annual World Trade Day.

This day and half executive business forum is designed for business decision-makers, strategic business planners, consultants and senior academics interested in the business opportunities and profit potential afforded by the rapid expansion and globalization of India's Supply Chain. In , Mauricio Macri, a centrist businessman, became president of the second largest economy in South America.

Now economists are predicting a 3. Study at Lincoln International Business School.

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