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The first in her family to graduate from college, Valencia previously served as Emanuel's director of legislative counsel and government affairs the second woman in Chicago's history to serve in that role and ran US Sen. Dick Durbin's campaign. Hawaii State Rep. Beth Fukumoto attracted national attention last year when she announced that she was leaving the Republican Party after she was ousted from her leadership position in the GOP for taking part in Hawaii's anti-Trump Women's March. The legislator cited "elements of both racism and sexism" in the party's decision-making process and said she "just didn't see a hope for change" in a party that she viewed as increasingly out of touch with the Democratic-majority state.

Soon afterwards, Fukumoto joined the Democratic Party.

Fukumoto, 35, was first elected to the Hawaii House of Representatives in and quickly rose to minority leader in the body. She was defeated in the Democratic primary for a US congressional seat in Honolulu this year.

American democracy is in crisis, and not just because of Trump

Drew Zachary has for years used data and technology to further economic development in underserved urban, rural, and tribal communities. She previously served as a policy adviser on President Barack Obama's Domestic Policy Council, where she co-founded the Opportunity Project — which made data accessible for families looking for affordable housing and schools for their kids, for community leaders looking for data on the populations they serve, and for policymakers in need of data to help determine how to distribute resources. Currently at the Census Bureau, Zachary works on open innovation and human centered design initiatives.

The small office, founded in and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is tasked with finding new ways to improve city services and quality of life. As part of the office's effort to improve public safety, Ianacone conducted interviews with police officers and community members and held workshops with kids to figure out how the city can recruit and retain new police officers. Mary Elizabeth Taylor, 29, joined the Trump administration in the White House legislative affairs unit and later served as a chief aide in charge of presidential nominations. In October, the former aide to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell became the assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs, a high-ranking foreign policy post.

Cassandra Levesque, a year-old Democrat from Barrington, New Hampshire, will become the youngest member of her state's House of Representatives next year.

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At 17, Levesque led a campaign in to ban child marriage in her home state, where girls as young as 13 and boys as young as 14 were allowed to marry. Last May, the state senate raised the minimum marriage age to 16 in a unanimous vote. But here is the catch. While Obama advanced a certain type of identity politics that secured the rights of specific groups, his policies simultaneously facilitated predatory financial capitalism that thrived precisely by eating away at the fabric of democratic life.

As political theorist Nancy Fraser has suggested, during the Obama era " progressive neoliberalism " reigned. His administration contributed to the erosion of democratic institutions by allowing corporate wealth and power to go virtually unchecked.

Politicians divide

It was Obama, after all, who chose to ignore Wall Street crimes after the financial crash. The ground was, therefore, ripe for Trump's ensuing onslaught.

He has not only continued the neoliberal vision of his predecessor but has also stripped away all remnants of tolerance and progressive politics in the name of hyper-nationalism and a thinly disguised white supremacist agenda. In parallel to neoliberalism's evisceration of democratic processes and the nullification of regulations that took years to impose, misogyny, xenophobia, and racism have been normalised at the highest levels.

The current state initiatives to undermine women's constitutional rights must, therefore, be seen as a concrete manifestation of the resurgence of an invigorated politics of hate, which democratic structures severely weakened by aggressive neoliberalism have not been able to stand up to. This is not to say that there has been no resistance: the increase in mass feminist activism since Trump's inauguration alongside the election of a historic number of women - and women of colour - to the US Congress are indications that there is a pushback.

But if we are to stop this attack on our bodies and on democracy itself, we need to intensify the struggle exponentially.

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  • The new abortion laws should serve as a true wake-up call. Legal challenges are not enough. If we do not fight back relentlessly by organising mass resistance, we may well find ourselves in the dystopia of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, where women's rights are abolished and women are forced into reproductive servitude.

    We simply cannot go on with our everyday lives assuming that it will be all right in the end.

    The roots of America's democracy problem

    Too many red lines have already been crossed, and too much is at stake. Simply withdrawing from politics is not effective. Citizens can protect themselves and their democracy by being aware of the political and psychological workings of polarization and the early warning signs of democratic erosion. They can refuse to participate in the trap of demonizing politics, while insisting on voting massively against those who use polarizing methods. Political leaders should be conscious that their words and actions can advance, prevent or reverse severe polarization.

    For those who prioritize winning for their team above all, the realization that they will eventually be the losers of their re-engineered rules should be sobering — whether it is eliminating the filibuster in the U. Senate or the right to gerrymander electoral districts. For those who have a broader perspective focused on the collective interests and welfare of the society, understanding the logic of polarization that blocks cooperative problem-solving could instill the courage to cross the divide rather than reciprocate pernicious polarizing strategies. The ultimate solution to depolarize the contentiousness around national identity and citizenship rights that divides the U.

    Christina Wolbrecht

    With a spirit of inquiry, generosity and openness, rather than blame and vilification, the U. UEA Inaugural lecture: Alternative performance measures: do managers disclose them to inform us, or to mislead us? Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. A protester is arrested by Capitol Hill Police during the Kavanaugh nomination.

    This damages democracy. Trump rallies with supporters in Arizona in late October Jonathan Ernst Politicians divide Our research finds that severe polarization is affected by three primary factors. In other words, what a leader says is as important as what she or he does. Polarization, though, is a two-way street.