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With the first commercial networks launched in , the initial focus of Release 8 has been functionality associated with initial equipment installation and integration network deployment stage. The next release of SON, as standardized in Release 9, provides functionality addressing more mature networks network optimization and maintenance stage.

A Unified View on Self-Organizing Techniques for Heterogeneous Networks [Part I]

However, various engineering stages are largely treated as sequential. Many operators handle them as more or less isolated tasks, where frequent responsibilities are split among different organizations. LTE networks are designed in a way to require minimal human involvement in network planning and optimization.

Cognitive Self-organizing Networks (CSON) for 5G — Faculty of Information Technology

The adaptations are performed in order to provide targeted service availability and quality as efficient as possible. It is convenient to introduce specific use cases in order to evaluate performance of SON functionality. The one of the most important use cases of SON functionality is the handover HO parameter optimization. The HO is a procedure ensuring that users can move freely through the network, and its main stages in LTE system are shown in the following picture:.

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The choice of appropriate values of HO control parameters influences the HO performance greatly. At the same time, adaptation of the HO triggers on a basis of users' speed, propagation conditions, cells size, etc.

The following picture depicts the interrelation between control parameters and HO process:. In order to optimize the HO performance, the corresponding metric an objective function should be put under consideration. The objective function OF may include one or more key indicators. If the values of handover hysteresis and time to trigger are the same for all eNodeBs in the network, the objective function takes a form of 2D function and can be shown graphically.

A Self-Organized Network

The lower the value of the objective function the better the HO performance is. As it is shown above, a ditch of low values is noticeable lying in a circular shape magenta line around the point with a hysteresis of 0 dB and a TTT of 0 s.

Hence, the optimal set of parameters does exist and the handover optimization algorithm has to drive parameters towards the area of good handover performance. Therefore, the crucial issue of SON functionality involving the HO performance is the optimization algorithm.

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It should find the optimum set of control parameters under the disturbances due to the measurement errors and the finite observation time subject to keeping compution complexity at the reasonable level. MERA is carrying out intensive research in this area and will be ready to propose effective solution in the nearest future.

Self Organizing Networks In Long Term Evolution (Son In Lte)

It combines the Cell Outage Detection and Compensation mechanisms to provide automatic mitigation of an eNB failures in the cases where the eNB equipment is unable to recognize being out of service and has therefore failed to notify OAM of the outage. Its modules play a pivotal role in maximizing network potential for quality and capacity, dynamic autonomous and automatic close-loop actions enabled self-optimization, self-healing and self-protection of complex networks with no human interation.

CSON solution is designed within this economic and business context to substantially reduce operational costs of network operators by automating a significant number of current labour-intensive network management tasks. The 5G CSON project will design and implement an autonomic network management solution to achieve self-organizing capabilities in managing network infrastructures by automatically detecting and mitigating a range of common network problems that are currently still being manually addressed by network operators, thereby significantly reducing operational costs and improving user experience.

Later on, 5G CSON team will collaborate with mobile operators for field trials on a real operational network. Cognitive Self-organizing Networks for 5G. Muhammad Zeeshan Asghar. Corporate website design by Freshleaf Media. To get this white paper, please click the download link below. Download this White Paper.

What is SON?

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