Manual Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie & Video Game Violence

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Lawrence Kutner. Listening to pundits and politicians, you'd think that the relationship between violent video games and aggressive behavior in children is clear. Children who play violent video games are more likely to be socially isolated and have poor interpersonal skills. Violent games can trigger real-world violence. The best way to protect our kids is to keep them away from games such as Grand Theft Auto that are rated M for Mature. In fact, many parents are worried about the wrong things!

In contrast to previous research, their study focused on real children and families in real situations. What they found surprised, encouraged and sometimes disturbed them: their findings conform to the views of neither the alarmists nor the video game industry boosters. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all prescription, Grand Theft Childhood gives the information you need to decide how you want to handle this sensitive issue in your own family.

Stop teaching our kids to kill : a call to action against TV,

You'll learn when -- and what kinds of -- video games can be harmful, when they can serve as important social or learning tools and how to create and enforce game-playing rules in your household. You'll find out what's really in the games your children play and when to worry about your children playing with strangers on the Internet. You'll understand how games are rated, how to make best use of ratings and the potentially important information that ratings don't provide.

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Grand Theft Childhood takes video games out of the political and media arenas, and puts parents back in control. It should be required reading for all families who use game consoles or computers. Almost all children today play video or computer games.

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Half of twelve-year-olds regularly play violent, Mature-rated games. And parents are worried It's the same with my daughter with her computer It's just nerve-racking! It's not accidental; it's intentional. They're just out to kill people in some of these games.

Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill A Call to Action Against TV Movie & Video Game Violence

The real risks are subtle and aren't just about gore or sex. Video games don't affect all children in the same way; some children are at significantly greater risk. You may be surprised to learn which ones! Grand Theft Childhood gives parents practical, research-based advice on ways to limit many of those risks. It also shows how video games -- even violent games -- can benefit children and families in unexpected ways. In this groundbreaking and timely book, Drs. Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson cut through the myths and hysteria, and reveal the surprising truth about kids and violent games.

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Gloria DeGaetano. Are spiritual parents uniquely ordained to lead a movement for wiser use of media and digital devices for our children? Dave Cullen. A masterpiece of reportage, this is the definitive account of the Columbine massacre, its aftermath, and its significance, from the acclaimed journalist who followed the story from the outset.

As we reel from the latest horror. In the wake of Parkland, Charleston, Newtown, Aurora, and Virginia Tech, the imperative to understand the crime that sparked this plague grows more urgent every year. What really happened April 20, ? The horror of Columbine left an indelible stamp on the American psyche, but most of what we "know" is wrong. It wasn't about jocks, goths, or the Trench Coat Mafia. Dave Cullen was one of the first reporters on scene, and spent ten years on this book -- widely recognized as the definitive account.

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  4. With a keen investigative eye and psychological acumen, Cullen draws on mountains of evidence, insights from the world's leading forensic psychologists, and the killers' own words and drawings -- several reproduced in a new appendix for the paperback. In this New York Times bestselling work, Cullen paints raw portraits of two polar opposite killers, who stand in stark contrast against the flashes of resilience and redemption among the survivors of the Columbine massacre.

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    Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging. Sebastian Junger. Now a New York Times bestseller We have a strong instinct to belong to small groups defined by clear purpose and understanding--"tribes. Decades before the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin lamented that English settlers were constantly fleeing over to the Indians-but Indians almost never did the same. Tribal society has been exerting an almost gravitational pull on Westerners for hundreds of years, and the reason lies deep in our evolutionary past as a communal species.

    The most recent example of that attraction is combat veterans who come home to find themselves missing the incredibly intimate bonds of platoon life. The loss of closeness that comes at the end of deployment may explain the high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by military veterans today. Combining history, psychology, and anthropology, TRIBE explores what we can learn from tribal societies about loyalty, belonging, and the eternal human quest for meaning. It explains the irony that-for many veterans as well as civilians-war feels better than peace, adversity can turn out to be a blessing, and disasters are sometimes remembered more fondly than weddings or tropical vacations.

    TRIBE explains why we are stronger when we come together, and how that can be achieved even in today's divided world. Dave Grossman. Psychologist and US Army Ranger Dave Grossman writes that the vast majority of soldiers are loath to pull the trigger in battle. Unfortunately, modern armies, using Pavlovian and operant conditioning, have developed sophisticated ways of overcoming this instinctive aversion. The mental cost for members of the military, as witnessed by the increase in post-traumatic stress, is devastating. Drawing from interviews, personal accounts, and academic studies, On Killing is an important look at the techniques the military uses to overcome the powerful reluctance to kill, of how killing affects the soldier, and of the societal implications of escalating violence.

    Joe Kenda. Now a New York Times audio bestseller! Detective Lt. I wrote about the potential impact of violent video games on fragile psyches and how violent video games make psyches more fragile, as well. Dave Grossman was published by Random House on the heels of Columbine.

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    I would have preferred the title: Stop Teaching Our Kids to Want to Harm , as I believe that better describes the effects of violent video game play. In the updated version I wanted to make clear that violent entertainment is one of several risk factors—but a major one.

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    Not many parents know this. Yet in , the National Science Foundation issued a comprehensive report on youth violence, noting media violence as one of the top three risk factors for violent behavior, right up there with guns and mental illness. Columbine, though, made me realize that in our complex society books may not be enough to accurately inform and help parents effectively.

    This line of thought led to my creating the Parent Coaching Institute in and with that the parent coaching industry. I knew what was going to happen and I wanted so much to prevent it. I, like you, can only do what we can do in our sphere of influence, hoping we can make lasting positive changes over the next 20 years. On April 21, I remember thinking that we can never let this happen again.

    Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill A Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence