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The research framework presents measurement indicators including operational and final performance of STEs in adopting e-travel. The research would be undertaken descriptively using purposive sampling technique is used for 5- STEs as the non-adoption e-travel. The performance measurements of e-travel adoption involve operational and final performance. Operational performance is measured by operation activities, daily processing and resources used. Final performance is measured by market share, sales, net profit, growth, Return on Investment ROI , and extend to global market.

The measurement result would give an initial illustration during e-travel adoption by STEs in Indonesia. Further study would be investigated empirically the final performance of e-travel adoption among STEs. Alam, S.

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Beckman, S. L, and Rosenfield, D. Operations Strategy: Competing in the 21st Century. New York.

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The Benefits of e-Business Performance Measurement Systems

International Journal of Management Reviews, 7 1 , 25— Gupta, A. Academy of Managament Journal, 27 1 , 25— Jacks, T. A framework for the impact of IT on organizational performance. This is critical in particular in light of the pull-perspective on supply chains as mentioned above, i. In addition to these general performance measurement problems, further complications arise in a supply chain context. This is due to the characteristics of supply chains, as spanning across organizational boundaries.

Since supply chains create an organizational system itself Skjott-Larsen, et al.

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In order to reveal problems in the supply chain, it is reasonable to measure activities which cannot be controlled directly. Additionally incentive systems on organizational levels might explain why managers tend to focus on the performance of their own organization. It is useful to illustrate the problems of incomplete performance measurement systems which fail to comprise the entire supply chain. Integration might span the entire supply chain or only a part. This represents a possible performance measurement system, e.

Beneficial Performance Measurement System Characteristics

The system is only including part of the integrated activities, not measuring complete performance and thus cannot provide useful information to optimize the entire flow. Due to the challenges mentioned in this section, companies are currently far from this stage. In order to integrate these inter-organizational activities among the supply chain partners, the greatest challenge remains to harmonize the information flow and foster system integration. A solution to this challenge will be discussed in detail in chapter 6. This implies that not necessarily one single framework provides a complete picture of supply chain performance. Hald presents a number of frameworks for supply chain performance measurement. Especially supply chain management - involving inter-organizational activities - requires a multi-dimensional perspective on performance Ackermann Therefore this chapter will not discuss cost-oriented frameworks but will instead focus on two frameworks; the SCOR-model and the Balanced Scorecard Hald It includes five processes: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return Hald and was developed to improve supply performance by measurement Holmberg The model provides a standardized categorization for analyzing supply chain performance based on processes and can also be used for benchmarking.

Furthermore it introduces a common language, which facilitates communication across the supply chain Holmberg Standard metrics for performance measurement along the processes have also been developed. S B Swen Beyer Author. Add to cart. Sign in to write a comment. Read the ebook. Business economics - Supply, Production, Logistics Development of a supply chain perform Gesundheitswissenschaften Performance Measurement im Krankenhau Informatik - Wirtschaftsinformatik Nutzenpotentiale der Referenzmodellie Publish now - it's free.

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  8. Performance measures provide a factual representation of important business activities and enable greater preciseness in their execution. Fink, D. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Please share your general feedback. You can start or join in a discussion here. Visit emeraldpublishing. Abstract Purpose — The need to measure organisational effectiveness has become increasingly accepted.