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Did you have trouble making reservations? What a great guide! We just put it in our packs and hung our packs up on a branch. Have fun and come back and tell me how it goes. Hi Kristen, Thank you for this write up, this is lot of useful information. I am planning a trip and have been trying to get the reservations calling them up. While I do that, I have a question. How deep are the water? Hi, the water is deep in some places, shallow in others. But they should be able to wade in or at least dip their feet. My friends and I have been calling non-stop for the past 3 days since permits opened for the year to obtain a permit.

The phones will either be busy, hang up on us, or ring for 5 to 10 minutes THEN hang up on us. Has anyone else experienced this? Do we need to continue to call and just be patient? At the risk of sounding like a whiney brat…the 8 of us have been planning this trip since July and the permit is the only thing stopping us!

My only advice is to keep trying. This place is extremely popular. I would imagine eventually they will change their permit process, but until then we just have to go by the procedures on the website. Hi Christine, we are experiencing the same problem.

The Hunting and Fishing Camp Builder's Guide (A Complete Guide to Building Your Own Outdoor Lodge)

Four of us have been calling for over a week now. At least times a day each and same exact issues you have…. Very frustrating but not giving up!!! Hi there! Wow this is some great info! Thank you for being so helpful! Is that a good time to go? Also, so I see the havasu falls campground trail is 9. Im just a little confused because I saw posts about helicopters and horses carrying your bags.

The Hunting & Fishing Camp Builder's Guide

Is it like that with the round trip? Like people take a helicopter to the top then hike the 9. Thanks for any advice!! You can take the helicopter both ways if you want or one way, or you can hike and tae no helicopter. I may be wrong, but I believe the helicopter on the way out is first come first serve.

Hello, The number tat I called for the Helicopter was 1 Is there an issue if not all people end up going for campsite reservations? Any information on this is greatly appreciated! Erica — You should do your best to reach them and update your reservation. Erica, what dates are you going? Thank you again and I love your blog. Do the evenings cool off quite a bit? Any recommendations? Thank you for the all good tips. Could you please let me know what you wore during the hike; the black shorts?

Hi Nandar — I usually wear spandex shorts when I hike. Thanks so much for this detailed post! Anyway, my question is this: How many nights would you recommend camping to be able to explore everything? It looks like you would want at least one full day at the falls to explore, but is one day enough? Do you think two nights of camping is enough or would you recommend 3?

I would plan on at least two nights, but if you have three that will allow you a little more time to relax and enjoy them all. Hello Expert! I am having quite a hard time requesting a reservations via the phone numbers on the several sites. We have a mature scout group that really want to appreciate the outdoors! Would you point me in the right direction, or give me some feedback on how to make this reservation for the summer?? The only thing I can say is to keep trying the numbers listed on the website. Great information!

I just secured a reservation for March 31 — April 2 rather than the end of April dates I had hoped for. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks much! I expect it will be ok during the day and pretty cold at night during that time. Just keep an eye on the weather…I think Supai will be most accurate. And makes sure to bring a lot of layers. I am using your blog post to plan my trip. It is seriously helpful!!

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At this point I am planning on doing May Is there payment required when I call? And is there a cancellation fee? Also, do you know about camping options beyond Beaver Falls if we were to continue hiking to the Colorado River? When I did it they did not require payment over the phone and there was no cancellation fee. I think they open up reservations in the start of the year, but you might call and double check.

Kristen-can you give me an idea of how many nights we want to stay? When We leave the campground because we will start walking to the other falls. Can we just leave all our stuff inside the tents? What do you recommend?

Is there any security like a patrol? Hi Juan — I believe the campground is safe, but there is no security. Thanks for the guide! Two girlfriends and I are going in June. Any advice? I brought my nice camera and was happy I did. You can bring a small dry bag to store your camera in if you are worried about it getting wet. Just be careful with it like you would any other hike and you should be fine. Great write-up! Another question, is there any place to shower along the way??

Warm during the day and cool at night. Great pics and info! Thx so much. Sitting here trying everyday to get a permit for my son and I to hike end of Feb. Cannot get through no matter what time. Thanks so much. We have reservations and are super excited. Our group will be coming from different states and meeting up. Any thoughts, experience?

Thanks in advance. Or you could just meet int he parking lot the morning of. There is a place to camp in the parking lot, but with the number of people who do this hike, there may not be much space. There is also no water in the parking lot. Hi Kristin, You have been so helpful! I am an active single mom of two active 20 yr old and 16 yr old sons I think we can handle the hike! We are planning a trip to Havasu in April. I am wondering…. I am going this May with my family and am so excited! I was wondering though how long it took you to make the 9 mile hike?

My wife and I are in Vegas with no plans from Jun th. We were planning and would love to go here, but of course there are no reservations available at all. Does anyone have an idea for an alternative trip that would be similar? Any hel would be appreciated. Also, I was a bit unclear. Or is that not allowed? Loved all your info, very informative! Im coming from Michigan and my plan is to fly. My biggest concern is getting from the airport to the Hilltop. Can you share some advice? I feel the easiest route is to camp at the hilltop Also do you know if there is space for hammock camping at the hilltop?

And I think the best thing would be to rent a car in Vegas and drive from there.

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Have fun! I would love to do this for a girls bachelorette party before I get married. It would be cool to go in late summer or early autumn. I definitely want to go there when we could swim and explore. This was very helpful though and I will definitely email you to ask you questions if I ever decide to do this! Thank you for the great tips!

We are planning our trip and your summary was very helpful! Do you know how we can reserve a mule to haul our stuff to the campground? Hi Kristin; Thanks for this blog. A group of girlfriends and I are headed out in April so thanks for the info! I see people are also having a difficult time getting reservations, I finally got through to make a reservation for the last week of April next month, but it is already booked solid for the year which we unfortunately already purchased our flight tickets for this without realizing when exactly they began taking reservations or the limited options.

I know you continued calling and were able to get a reservation through a cancellation, how often did you call to follow up. Also, did you just take any date they had open, or were they willing to work with you on when you already planned on going? Does anyone reading have a reservation with extra space who would be willing to share with reimbursement to you of course. Great info on this!!

As far as taking a helicopter in and out the same day, do you still need a reservation or permit? I found your site very informative. Thank you. I do have questions… My group plans to start our hike around 3am or earlier… Would you say that the trails are very easy to follow especially the first 6 miles? My worries that we might get lost during the dark before dawn. Thank your for you time. Hey Brian — Once you make it to the end of the switchbacks, you are pretty much just walking in the wash. If you are going in the dark, it might be worth using some sort of GPS app to make sure you stay on track.

Hi,Thankyou for this awesome post! Me and my siblings are planning a trip to havasupai but we have been told everything is booked til November. I still have hope that we can get at least a night to camp out there and am calling everyday incase someone cancels. I do have one question. Is that not allowed? Good luck with a permit…fingers are crossed for ya! Your information on here is really helpful so thank you for that.

I do have a question about the falls, I am planning on taking a trip there, I have made reservations already so I am pretty much all set, the only thing is one of my sisters wants to join us and she cannot swim to save her life. How deep are the waterfalls and is it okay for children? Some of the pools you can wade in, others are quite deep. Use your best judgement, exercise caution, and you should be ok. I got lucky and got a snap Reservation with a four digit confirmation number juat a few days ago for the end of this month. Is this my permit as well? Just take that number and give it to the office when you arrive at the campground office and they will issue your permit.

Hi Kristen! We are from St. Hello, thank you for the trip report. Did it cost money to park at the parking lot? How safe is it for rental cars over the weekend? Thanks for the post, So i have a question. Also, is a reservation required just to camp or to actually go in there and camp at the campgrounds? As I recall every single person is given a wristband and you also have to display your permit on your tent. And they do come by and check. And there is nowhere to camp besides in the campground, and a permit is required just to be there.

My friends and I are planing a trip, but we would prefer to stay at the lodge instead of the camp ground. Thank you, all the detailed information on this trip is very helpful. I will be going in a couple days, on March My wife, two children, and I have never been backpacking before, so we decided to book a tour, which includes all the gear, food, mule assist, and a guide. Do you recall if there are any showers at the camp? I am from LA where the ocean water tends to be cool in spring 60 , so we use spring suits and I am wondering whether it would be worth it to pack them in?

Also, what about snorkel gear, is there anything to see under the water? There are no showers at the camp, but hopefully it will be warm enough during the day to swim. Hi Kristen, Love your blog and pictures. I have started my research on this trip for next year in April Your blog is the most updated one I have come across. Would you happen to know how far in advance to book a reservation for camping permits? Other websites advise how far in advance but I am not sure how up to date they are, I know things have changed and it is getting more popular these days.

Some sites say to book 4 months in advance, some 6 months, and now i read even a year in advance hence why I feel the need to call for next year. This year the permits for the entire year were swooped up by March. Kristen, great blog! This is so helpful when planning a visit to the falls. Is one able to hike to Havasu Falls first, and then camp overnight?

Indian Nations Outdoors Society: Hunting, Camping and Outdoor Guide

Or how does that process work? I am considering taking a helicopter first thing in the morning 10am and then hiking back to the trailhead. Is a camp ground or lodge reservation still required for this option? I appreciate your time. I have been trying to call the main office for the past hour with no luck. Thanks in advance! Havasu Falls is located basically right at the campground which is a mile or so past the office and landing pad.

Good luck! Thank you for your post! Are the only permits you need for the campground? So if we were to stay at the lodge, no permits are required? Also, do you know when they start accepting reservations during the year if I want to call and book for next year? I believe they open reservations at the beginning of each calendar year…. Are you allowed to camp between the hilltop and the town?

Meaning, taking 2 days to get to the falls instead of doing all 10 miles in one day. There is also no water source between Hilltop and the falls. Great blog post — amazing pictures! From everything I have read it sounds quite difficult to make reservations. Since it seems like they are fully booked for this year already, do you think they have next year booked?

Is there a store where you can buy food in the town or should you bring it in with you? Any electronic outlets in the camp sites? Emilie — They will start taking reservations for at the beginning of next year. And you need to bring all of your own food and there are no electronic outlets. It is primitive camping. Really helpful post. Hi, I have 3 kids, 13, 10, and a 2yr old.

The two year old will be in a backpack. Is this a hiking trip kids can do? Did u see families down there? They r not super Olympians or couch potatoes, just average are we there yet mom kids. Where is a good place to stay the night before in order to get an early start on the trailhead? I see the Grand Canyon Caverns hotel, is there any cheaper camping options? What do most folks do the night before on this hike? I drove from Vegas early the morning of my hike. There is also camping at the trailhead, but there is no water available.

Awesome post! I am planning this trip ! Taking a month off to get some hiking in with my daughter before she graduates! I see they have discontinued the one day hike in and out but….. Either way sounds like a fantastic trip you have planned. Hey Kirsten, lame question but are dogs allowed in the campground?

We have a traveling trail dog that goes MTB, camping, hiking with us. Hey I have to say I concur with all the nice things and complements left by everyone. You rock and so does your website! I had a question though, my wife and I are driving cross country and we set up the back of the station wagon so we can sleep in it. Great post!!!! Also, do they ask how many people will be in your party at the time of reservation?

Not yet. Reservations for open in January. And yes, you need to reserve for the number of people in your party. If you make a reservation at The Lodge, do you also have to make a reservation for a permit separately? Or is the permit included in The Lodge reservation? BTW — thank you for this post, it is awesome. I am hoping to make this journey in late october! I had a question though, with the hike down did you pitch a tent over night and split the ten mile hike into two days? Is there any regulations about this, or can you just camp anywhere on the trail down? You have to camp in the campground.

Plus there is no water available anywhere along the trail. Hi there, We are planning on traveling to a waterfall for a bucket list item for our amazing pup. However after seeing the distance I am not sure this is the best distance for him or terrain. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for maybe shorter hiked trails. Even if he cant swim in it. Dogs are not actually allowed on the trail to Havasu Falls. Maybe look at spots around Lake Powell and Lake Mead instead. Hello, we are looking into planning a trip for next year and were wondering about the shower situation.

When you say there are showers, are they actually at the campground? I was unable to find any other information on this so was just curious. We are used to backcountry camping, so it is no big deal, but it is always a perk! There are no showers at the campground. Awesome Post!!! Very helpful info and tips! Do we need to go with guide to hike down to the campground and back? Or the permit is enough? Thank you so much for this great in-depth post! In January, I am going to start calling to get a reservation for late spring, and I will be dreaming and drooling over your pictures until then!

I am sure I will have lots of questions for you as the time gets closer, but you have done such a great job documenting this amazing adventure. Interesting the picnic table shot with 2 people has a bottle of Jack Daniels. I heard alcohol was not permitted? Hey Bonita — I was not aware of that rule when we hiked to Havasu Falls. Thanks for pointing that out. Hey Kristen, what time of year did you do this? What do you think? I did it in April. Kristen, this is totally random.. In your pictures above, are you using a sleeping pad as a floaty? Hi I love your blog, love your instagram!

Thanks for the great advices, now I know how to get there from my home in Joshua Tree. Stumbled upon this blog during my Havasu research and only realized halfway through reading it, to my pleasant surprise, that I was reading Barefoot Theory! My wife and I have wonderful memories from the Trans-Catalina Trail and your write-up got us through that successfully!

Hi Kristen, I had heard some folks had trouble with the locals. Some locals had harassed a couple while camping in Havasu falls.

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My family and I will be going there sometime this year and wanted to know if these stories were true. I can only speak for myself, but we found the people to be friendly and welcoming. They are sharing their land with A LOT of people…as long as you a respectful, my guess is you will be treated the same. Kristen, I really appreciate for all detailed information regarding Havasu Falls. Now I can plan my schedule for the trip. Thank you for all of the great information. What kind of deposit was required for the reservation over the phone?

Things may have changed but we just paid in full when we arrived. Hey there.

The rules have changed now, as of this year. They have raised their prices this year, and now require FULL payment at time of booking, and all names of people going. And I believe if you cancel, there will be NO refund. Hey Cindy— We actually have to give them names of each permit holder?

Does that mean they will ID us when we get down there? This is getting ridiculous. They know they have us by the short hairs. You have to give them the name of the permit holder. Otherwise, how would they know who to hold the reservation for? Hi there, when does booking start for camping this year? I heard it was early February. Can anybody confirm?

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I spoke with someone in the office the other week and she confirmed that permits are available beginning Feb 1. How about weather, is it cold at all? Have the hiking permits different than the camping permits? Thanks for the help! Has anyone had success getting through for permits? I know its very difficult, just wondering if there are any pointers beyond the redial button. Not sure how anyone gets thru!

Hi, I was able to get reservations for the first week of May. How do you think the weather is then? What time of year or month did you go? I have Havasu Falls permits for 6 people 25,26 April and we are unfortunately not able to go. I was told these tickets are non transferable, but feel its sad that the permits will go waste otherwise.

Has anyone experienced this? Hi Kristen, we have a small group to hike Havasu Falls on April 23 this year, however, my husband and I do not plan to stay overnight, but we paid for the fees anyway. We do not plan to hike back either. Is there always an available heli to take us back in the afternoon after we visited the falls?

I was able to get through and make reservations but she did not give me my reservation. She said it would be emailed to me. As of today I do not have it. How can I get that? I am going in early May and we plan on hiking to the colorado river. Yannelly, your upcoming adventure sounds great!

If rocks or sand getting in your sandals bother you then you can always wear them with water socks. All fees are non-negotiable. Camping rentals — All necessary things will be available to rent, right? Including life jacket, portable chairs and the floater. Please advice. Food — Any suggestion, recommendation would be helpful. You need to come fully prepared to hike in all of your gear.

Hey, first time backpacking and looking into camping gear. I see that you used a hammock, did you use that to sleep in all night? If so, how was it as far as temperature? Did you use an under quilt? Just looking into my options and I obviously want the most light weight option, going mid April. Any suggestions would be great! I put my sleeping pad in the hammock along with my sleeping bag.

I love this post! I am going in October so I am debating if I should bring a sleeping bag or not. I love your blog and all the helpful information you provided here. I was able to secure a reservation in late April for two nights and was wondering if you knew anything about day kayaking opportunities near-by.

I have not been able to find any day kayaking services available so far and thought you might have some insight. My group and I were able to secure a one night permit at the Havasupai campground wahoo!! Our full fleet of Ski-Doo snowmobiles features high performance and touring sleds. You can ride hundreds of miles of groomed Maine snowmobile trails right from your cabin.

How to Build an Off Grid Log Cabin: For FREE!

Our lodging is located just steps from Maine's best snowmobiling trails, winter activities, local scenery and wildlife. The cabins are warm, have full linens and are trailside. These charming cabins are available for a night or longer in a range of sizes and styles, from log cabins with bunk beds to larger luxury cabins for a family vacation in Maine during any season. People travel from all over the country to snowmobile in Maine and ride these trails.

Make your bookings as early as possible to ensure availability. Our resort in the Katahdin Region is located just steps from Maine's best snowmobiling trails, winter activities, local scenery and wildlife. Our location offers cozy lakeside cabin rentals that are perfect for a winter vacation in Maine. These charming cabins are available in a range of sizes and styles, from log cabins with bunk beds to larger luxury guesthouses for a family vacation in Maine during any season. The accommodation has easy access to snowmobile trails, snowshoeing , cross country skiing and ice fishing ; Gas, oil and snowmobile rentals on site; A wide selection of small, medium, large, premier cabins that sleep 6—14 people; High quality trailside lodging with all the comforts of home.

The New England Outdoor Center is located just miles from the south entrance of Baxter State Park and Katahdin and provides plenty of terrain for cross country skiing. In addition to that we have 9 miles of groomed trails right here onsite designed by Olympian John Morton. Snowshoeing , whether you step forward with a hardwood frame and rawhide lacings or with a more modern shoe, the wide open terrain at New England Outdoor Center will provide hours of unlimited exploring and adventure. There are three things you need to accomplish before dark:.

When searching for the perfect campsite, look for a level site that is free of rocks and tree roots. Also look for sites with natural drainage, ensuring that everyone will stay nice and dry during the entire trip. In hot weather, look for open sites that will allow breezes to make their way throughout camp; look for tree-covered sites for privacy and shade.

Pitch tents away and upwind from a campfire; sparks can easily burn through nylon tents. Remember: always arrive to your campsite early in the day and set up camp before anything else. Many camping trips have been ruined by late campers trying to put up tents by lantern light! Lay down a ground cloth or tarp on the ground where you plan to place your tent. This will protect your tent from the wear and tear of the forest floor, while acting as a barrier against moisture and rain. This will make sure that the tent overhangs the sheeting, allowing moisture to drain away from your tent instead of getting trapped in-between the tent and ground cloth.

Unpack your tent and follow all tent instructions. Once your tent is successfully erected, set up your sleeping pads and sleeping bags inside the tent. Make sure to vent your tent by unzipping window or vent openings. This will create airflow and cut down on the heat and humidity inside the tent. When selecting the site for your camp kitchen, make sure that it is sheltered from the wind, located away from the tent area and sunny.

While camping, always keep all of your pots and kitchen equipment in one place, making mealtime convenient and fast so you can get back on the trail or out on the water as soon as possible. Everything just seems to taste better when cooked and eaten outdoors! Food and campfire meals can vary widely by each individual camper: some campers get by with nothing more than a cooler filled with drinks, sandwiches and snacks, while other campers enjoy cooking homemade meals over the flames of a well-built campfire. If you are camping near your vehicle, feel free to take all of your favorite foods with you, but if you will be packing your supplies in, you'll have to plan a little more carefully.

Freeze anything you can prior to packing your cooler. Frozen meat, candy, nuts and bread will keep other foods colder longer. Label each bag. Fill heavy-duty Ziploc bags with your prepared food, freeze them and keep them in your cooler. For a quick meal, simply reheat and serve. There are countless uses for it at camp! Keep open boxes or bags in coolers or plastic bins. Also, do not dump bacon grease, peelings or any other food debris on the ground. Instead, burn them in the fire pit.

Go simple with pancakes and syrup kids love them! Also consider packing granolas, dry cereals, dried fruits, instant hot cereals like oatmeal or cream of wheat, bacon, eggs, sausage, potatoes, pancake mixes and biscuits. Or, try your hand at making simple campfire donuts using the instructions below. Heat the oil or shortening in a pot over the camp stove or campfire, then cut each biscuit into quarters and drop them into the hot oil.