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If it were not so gently told, this story would also be a savage critique of corporate greed and government corruption, but it's easy enough for the reader to see the grotesque gap between rich and poor without having it spelt out.

A review of The Rainbow Troops by Andrea Hirata

Hirata's main focus is on the children and their hopes for the better life that education might be able to give them. The most heartbreaking part of the story is the fate of Lintang, Ikal's brilliant classmate, who rides his bike 40 kilometres to school and back every day but who, after his fisherman father dies, must leave school to support his extended family.

The fate of Lintang alone might be enough to make some Australian readers of this book see Indonesia and its people in a new and disquieting light. To read anything in translation is to read it through a veil; you can see the threads in the weave and you can see where the edges of the writer's intent have been fuzzed and foxed by an approximation in another language.

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This novel is about children and its style in English is simple, clear and childlike, as befits Ikal's voice, but Anglophone readers must take that style on trust. A language event without such terms could not serve the communicative needs of its users anything like as well as a real human language.

Moreover, in the context and the language there must be deixis between them to make the novel cohesive, coherent and acceptable for the reader. Therefore, a novel is a good material to be analyzed in finding the deixis. Based on some elaborations above, I can conclude that the use of deixis in The Rainbow Troops novel written by Andrea Hirata in need to be analyzed in the term of what types of deixis used in the novel and what the dominant type of deixes used in the novel.

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    Language : EN. Full Text: PDF. In Vol 2, No 3 : September Statistics : Abstract One of the subjects that learn about language that can help human in using it is pragmatics. It helps too that it is almost relentlessly upbeat, with little wallowing in any of the abject misery as would be easy enough to do or depressing turns though arguably a bit more focus on the sadder turns might have helped, as this is a story where people who are out of sight are immediately more or less entirely out of mind, and there's practically no long- or even medium- term reflection on loss.

    Ikal is an avid reader, but as with everything else, Hirata does not go into much detail about that. Someone speaks of "the power of literature", but Hirata more or less leaves it at that, Ikal just briefly noting: " Literature , asked my heart, what's that?

    The Rainbow Troops

    And while he dabbles in poetry sending them to his first love and admits to: "an affinity for writing", Ikal is not one of these characters who lose themselves in fiction and go on and on about that : I occupied myself by reading practical psychology books on self-development and becoming more fanatical about John Lennon's inspirational sentence. The sentence is: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans! Ikal believes his strengths are in playing badminton though that hardly figures in the book and writing; an amusing aside from the last section of the book describes a last-ditch effort to tie that all up into one big project: I studied pop culture and trends of personal development to enrich my book.

    Even its title was impressive: Badminton and Making Friends.

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    Indonesia had never seen a book like that. Unfortunately, based on commercial considerations, there were no publishers willing to print the book.

    The Rainbow Troops

    They were more interested in pornographic books full of words like condom , masturbation , and orgasm. Those were more profitable. That even the adult Ikal would not only think of writing but actually complete a book on Badminton and Making Friends gives a good sense of where this novel is coming from. Not quite so far-fetched, The Rainbow Troops is nevertheless equally sincere and idealistic, presenting a world in which everything may not quite be possible, but everyone sure is going to try their darndest.

    It also remains the antithesis of those 'pornographic books' that do get published: Ikal feels youthful passion for a girl, but this is a very decorous book, and there's no adolescent lust or adult activity to be found here, as a childish innocence is maintained throughout the book another reason why there's little sense of the characters growing or maturing in m any ways Yet for all its apparent ingenuousness and near-relentless good cheer , the novel does not shy away from the reality of the consequences of the lack of educational opportunities in this society.

    These characters make the best of what is available, idealistic teachers and ambitious students making do with whatever they have -- but that isn't necessarily enough. Hirata and Hirata-as-Ikal offer this book as tribute and fulfilled pledge to their teachers, and if its basic message of the importance of education is a familiar one, it is nevertheless presented with more than enough heart, exotic frills, and appealing writing rough around some of the edges, but still quite winning to not seem simply a didactic social-moral tale.