Manual Urban Traffic Pollution

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It emphasizes that the behavior of the many personal and corporate actors in the transport sector, are fundamental in determining the effectiveness of policy efforts to reduce urban air pollution.

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Chapter 2 discusses the impacts of the principal urban air pollutants, and how to assess the contribution of transport to poor urban air quality. It concludes by identifying three principal transport aspects within which air quality improvement can be sought: through reducing the emission of pollutants per unit of fuel consumed, reducing the consumption of fuel per unit of transport services, and, limiting the overall demand for motorized transport services. Chapters 3 through 5 discuss, for each of these three aspects, the array of policy areas and instruments in which improvements can be sought, and identify the range of instruments that can be used.

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  6. The annexes supplement these chapters by providing more detailed information on the physical, and economic characteristics of technologies-both of some current commercially viable technologies, and of some technologies that are still in development, and also how to ensure their proper maintenance-and on the economic valuation of health impacts of air pollution.

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    Disentangling vehicular emission impact on urban air pollution using ethanol as a tracer

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    Noise and air pollution from motor vehicles have a major impact on the physical and mental well-being of urban residents worldwide. Although control measures have already been implemented in most developed countries, noise and air pollution have only recently become major problems in many developing countries, as rapid industrial growth, population increase and improved living standards have led to an increase in car ownership.

    If control measures are not implemented swiftly in developing countries, the effects on public health will be extremely serious. This book, which has been prepared by WHO in collaboration with the Ecotoxicology Service of the Department of Public Health in Geneva, discusses global trends in noise and air pollution from motor vehicles, their effects on public health, and the control measures available.

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